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Hi all.

This is my Dark Training blog.

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The First List of Passions

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The List of Passions:


  1. Music.
  2. Family. – Loyalty.
  3. Strength.
  4. Jedi-Sith-Force Realist.
  5. Internet.
  6. Passion.
  7. Women.
  8. Food.
  9. Theater.

10. Sleep – Laziness.

11. Reading.

12. Business (administrative and political work).

13. Weight Lifting.

14. Duty.  – Compassion.

15. Adrenaline.

16. Sexual things.

17. Studying.

18. Academics.

19. Relaxation.

20. Walks

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Source: http://actegratuit.tumblr.com/post/48140927430/valerie-hegarty-george-washington-melted-4-2011

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Yami Doko, Day 9/30

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Yami Doko, Passion, Day 9/30

So, singing went very well today. We had a great rehearsal for the Verdi Requiem. I did some scheduling for tomorrow’s rehearsal (the opera I’m performing next week). I keep putting off memorizing the last piece for my recital next week. I loathe memorizing. Just one of those things one “has” to do.

Food has gone spectacularly as well! I had a protein shake for breakfast. A gallon of water. A sandwich and another sandwich. I did have a bit of ice cream… but it was for a student government program and I felt bad because I told them to buy a lot and there wasn’t very many people who attended. I should remember to not project my desire for ice cream on to my student government friends. ;)

On Nature

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“Nature doesn’t recognize good and evil. It only recognizes balance and imbalance.”I do not think Nature has a conscious mind, and trying to make it conform to human understanding is a waste of time. Though, the metaphorical understanding that Nature could have a collective “conscious” is something that can be applied if we care about Nature.

In other words… if we want to think of Nature as a person on whom we depend, then it would make sense to think about what Nature “thinks” of us. We do depend on nature to survive. Technology come from natural elements, and really anything that exists is natural. Nothing is “synthetic” even if it is man-made. Now, things can be anti-Nature.

And, I would suggest that Nature would recognize this as bad. But, not everything that seems negative at first is actually negative. Like… when brush fires start in the woods to help clear the way for more plant life. In the end, I think if Nature had a conscious mind, it would recognize only change and the inevitability of new life and death. Can we upset this? Not exactly… we can prevent births by killing off enough of one species of bird until they’re extinct. But, this only shows that death comes to all things. Morality is only sustainable when it is convenient to our causes.

That being said, I like birds… I think they make cool noises and look pretty. So, from a primal perspective, I feel no desire to destroy them. If I needed bird meet for food, then I’m sure that need would outweigh any part of me that wants to listen to the chirping. If my want for the chirping outweighed the desire for food, then I might starve. While that’s still balanced, it’s pretty stupid on my part. Humans are designed to stay alive for as long as we can.

Funny, though. That’s not necessarily true. haha. Humans exist because we reproduced well and adapted well. (I’m sorry if that’s not accurate… I think I learned it that way in high school but it might be much more complicated than that. Dealing with change with tools, and developing standard places of living for agriculture and such… all that jazz. Sorry if I oversimplified it) But, we don’t need to live for 100 years. We really don’t even need to exist as much as we do. We are not in any danger of extinction… So, reproduction isn’t a need anymore. Now, we’ve moved on to getting food. Then, shelter. Then, comfort. Every single person on this forum is at the comfort level, or else they would do something better with their time.

On to the Human need for destruction. When we are young’ins, you ever realize that you like to experiment with creation and destruction? It’s in our instincts to want to give birth to new life. Our little girls have a feminine gene that triggers their maternal instinct. BOOM. Baby doll. Why, then, do we go to so many lengths to destroy the nature around us? We burn down rain forests to make way for capitalistic factories and real estate. We kill off species of rhino for SPORT. We have no regard for the so-called balance of Nature. I wonder, then, if there is no such thing as the balance of Nature, and rather that WE as a collective decide what the balance of Nature is.

So… when we claim nuclear war and destroy the planet, exterminating most of life… that’s still in the balance of Nature because we’re part of it. Destruction is a PART of Nature. Growth and Dying are not a dichotomy either. They are part of the same process. When you are growing, you are already dying. Just a circle in the end.

*sigh* I seem to have ranted on long enough. Basically, the spark notes edition is: Nature cannot decide anything, and we are completely engrossed in what “Nature” thinks… but in the end, we have just as much a say as everything else. If we choose to destroy the planet, that’s our choice to make since we’re the dominant species and can make the technology to do such. I, personally, think balance is about preserving the integrity of Nature and allowing it to change without too much heavy-handedness from us. Why? There’s no good reason I can think of, other than I don’t feel like we’re entitled to make such decisions even though we probably are.

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